Park Christian School recognizes that it cannot meet the educational needs of all children. We offer a high quality of Christian training. But we are not designed to be a correctional institution for children with issues beyond those usually encountered in average school children.

  • As a general rule children above the six grade level will not be excepted if they do not personally express a desire to attend our school.
  • All students will be considered in the order of date of receipt of applications.
  • Should the administration feel it is necessary, a prohibit a probationary period of nine weeks may be defined.
  • Children who currently have the following issues will not be considered for admissions: drug use, tobacco use, alcohol use, under expulsion or suspension, law violations, runaways.
  • The family must be in regular attendance at a sound, fundamental, Bible – preaching and practicing New Testament church.
  • Generally, students will only be enrolled at the start of the semester.


**Contact the school office for admissions packet.